Antisemitism was rising online. Then Elon Musk’s X supercharged it.

Since Elon Musk began promoting his “X” on Twitter, anti-infrastructure rhetoric has flourished on the platform. Many of his followers have used the symbol to bolster and embolden anti-Semitic themes and ideas by linking Musk and his X to conspiracies about Jewish control over the economy and technology, as well as to old racist tropes about Jewish people having “inordinate amounts of power and control.” Not only has the symbol been used to propagate hateful speech, but it has also been employed to advocate for the boycott of certain companies and individuals, which in turn has provided an amplifying platform for more virulent anti-Semitism. To make matters worse, some of Musk’s most influential fans have adopted the X as a sort of rallying point to amplify anti-Semitic ideas, giving an added boost to the already burgeoning presence of anti-Semitic rhetoric on the platform. With both celebrities and everyday users alike increasingly utilizing the symbol, it is clear that Tesla and Musk’s X have had a major role in boosting anti-Semitic rhetoric online.