House Judiciary investigating whether Fulton County DA Fani Willis ‘coordinated’ with Jan 6 committee

The House Judiciary Division is currently investigating whether the Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis, coordinated with the House Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election in order to aid the committee’s investigation into the January 6th Capitol riots. It was recently revealed that Willis had communications with committee staffers while the […]


FBI says interviews of priest, choir director were part of investigation of ‘an individual,’ not Catholics


House GOP campaign arm slams Democrats in new AI-generated ad turning national parks into migrant tent cities


These six battleground states could cost President Biden the White House in 2024


King Charles: Pay $5 trillion annually to prevent climate catastrophe

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No previous primary debates centered on such unpopular candidates

The 2020 Democratic primary debates did focus on a variety of unpopular candidates, although none of them were as controversial as Donald Trump. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Pete Buttigieg all had their moments in the spotlight during the debates despite lackluster poll numbers and little public enthusiasm for their campaigns. Additionally, several […]


These small words could make or break the global climate summit


For $350, George Santos will congratulate, cheer or troll you


Video shows man in military fatigues shooting mentally disabled Palestinian in West Bank

According to the Associated Press, the Israeli military is investigating a video showing a man in military fatigues shooting a mentally disabled Palestinian man in the West Bank. The video was posted on social media and circulated widely. In the video, a man in military fatigues is seen confronting the mentally disabled Palestinian man who […]

James Comer’s Biden claims do not deserve the benefit of the doubt


More than 300 killed as heavy rains wreak havoc across East Africa

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Thousands of autoworkers at Toyota, Honda and others move to unionize after UAW victory over the Big Three

It is too early to say whether the recent victory by the United Auto Workers (UAW) over the Big Three automakers in Detroit will have an indirect impact on workers in other parts of the auto industry. The contract agreement between the UAW and Ford alone will likely change the competitive landscape in the auto industry and could potentially encourage workers at other manufacturers to explore the possibility of unionization. However, it is important to note that even if this current cycle of bargaining produces positive results for unionized auto workers in the U.S., it is not immediately transferable to

Poorer areas see the bulk of clean energy funds from Biden’s landmark climate law

The 2021 American Jobs Plan proposed by President Joe Biden aims to create 10 million jobs in the clean energy sector. Of the $2.3 trillion in funding proposed by the plan, $2.2 trillion is earmarked for investments in infrastructure and clean energy, including $400 billion for clean energy investments. It includes a focus on investments in areas of the country with the greatest need, such as communities that have been historically underserved or have high poverty rates. These investments in built infrastructure, electric vehicles, public transportation, clean energy, and home retrofits, among other initiatives, are expected to create jobs in

Honda recalls almost 304,000 Accords and HR-Vs over seat belt defect

Honda is recalling almost 304,000 of its popular Accord and HR-V models due to a potential defect in the seat belt buckle. Accord sedans from the 2016 to 2018 model years, as well as HR-V crossovers from the 2016 to 2019 model years, are the vehicles affected. According to Honda, “the driver or front passenger seat belt buckle may become stiff over time, making it difficult to unlatch the seat belt.” The company will begin notifying owners of the recall in February, and dealers will replace the seat belt buckle free of charge.

If you haven’t started your Thanksgiving trip, you’re not alone. The busiest days are still to come.

Most people will be traveling throughout Thanksgiving Weekend. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel day, so if possible, try to leave a few days before or after Wednesday. That being said, make sure to check for the latest safety guidelines and take precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing when you’re traveling. Happy Thanksgiving!

Money worries push some shoppers to tighten budgets while others buy now, pay later

When facing financial worries, some shoppers will tighten their budgets and focus on only purchasing necessities, while others may, in a strategy of denial, purchase now and pay later by borrowing or utilizing a credit card. Those that are able to borrow or use a credit card may find that focusing on smaller purchases and budgeting according to the payments and finance charges can help to avoid going into deeper debt. Some may also opt for discount stores and special offers in order to save money. Ultimately, the most sensible approach is for shoppers to assess their financial situation and

Diageo cites Diddy rape claims in renewed push to keep him out of tequila ads

Diageo has renewed its push to stop Sean “Diddy” Combs appearing in tequila ads after allegations were made against him that he raped a 13-year-old girl. The company, which owns the tequila brand, DeLeon, has raised concerns that Combs’ appearance in the ads could hurt the brand's image. The company said in a statement, “In light of recent allegations against Sean Combs, we are rejecting his services as an ambassador for DeLeon Tequila marketing activities. His prior involvement with the brand had ended. We are committed to a safe and secure environment for our consumers, partners and employees and take all