Wholesale inflation rose 0.6% in February, much more than expected

Indeed, the rise in wholesale inflation in February indicates that there’s a significant increase in costs for goods and services at different levels of production. This could potentially translate to higher prices for consumers if retailers decide to pass on these increased costs. The larger-than-expected increase could also signal growing economic pressure, which might prompt […]


Boeing did not retain security camera footage showing work on Max jet door that blew out, NTSB says

Yes, the recent news published by NTSB (The National Transportation Safety Board) states that Boeing did not retain security camera footage which showed work being done on a door of a 737 Max which later blew out. The incident with the door happened during a high-speed taxi test in 2019. The NTSB noted that the […]


Laid-off tech workers turn to LinkedIn, therapy and one another to bounce back

It’s undoubtedly challenging to face a layoff, especially in a fast-paced field like tech. Here are a few suggestions on how tech workers can bounce back after such an event: 1. **LinkedIn:** This platform is more than just a networking site. It can serve as a tool to broaden job opportunities and establish connections with […]


Chrysler recalling 338,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees over potentially faulty steering part

Chrysler is recalling nearly 338,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee models due to a potentially faulty steering part. The issue lies in the potential failure of the steering damper bracket, which could disrupt the ability to steer the vehicle and increase the risk of a crash. Owners of the impacted Jeep Grand Cherokee models are strongly advised […]


Higher tax filing costs could take a bite out of your refund

You’re absolutely correct. The cost to file your taxes, especially if you choose to hire a professional to do them, can certainly reduce your overall tax refund. Here are a couple of ways to mitigate those costs: 1. Do-it-yourself tax software: User-friendly tax software is available in the market that can guide you through the […]


Pink Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup release sparks mayhem at Target stores

The limited-edition Starbucks cup featuring the beloved animated character Pink Stanley Quencher has caused a stir among fans all over the world. The popular cup was released through a collaboration between Starbucks and the popular animated property, Pink Stanley Quencher. The cup was released exclusively at Target stores in the US and Canada on January […]


Maersk halts Red Sea shipping until further notice after Houthi militant attack

Maersk, the world’s largest shipping line, has ceased operations in the Red Sea following an attack by Houthi militants on one of its vessels. The vessel, a chemical tanker carrying diesel fuel, was sailing from the Saudi port of Jeddah to the Yemeni Port of Hudaida when militants fired an RPG at it on 23 […]


Driverless cars immune from traffic tickets in California under current laws

Under current laws, driverless cars in California are not immune from traffic tickets. All drivers, regardless of whether the vehicle has a human driver or is driverless, must abide by the same road rules and traffic laws. If a driverless car violates a traffic law or ordinance, it can be ticketed. However, it should be […]


Workers wrested a seat at the table on AI this year. Will it be enough?

It is impossible to say whether workers having a seat at the table on AI this year will be enough to make a difference in the industry. Much depends on the extent to which their voices are heard and respected. AI is a rapidly evolving technology with far-reaching implications, making it essential to ensure that […]


Housing, inflation, interest rates and more: What to expect in the 2024 economy

Housing: Housing prices are expected to continue rising as the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic. The demand for housing is expected to remain strong while the supply of homes is likely to remain limited. We may also see an increase in rent prices and the availability of rental units, as rents have remained low […]