Poorer areas see the bulk of clean energy funds from Biden’s landmark climate law

The 2021 American Jobs Plan proposed by President Joe Biden aims to create 10 million jobs in the clean energy sector. Of the $2.3 trillion in funding proposed by the plan, $2.2 trillion is earmarked for investments in infrastructure and clean energy, including $400 billion for clean energy investments. It includes a focus on investments […]


Honda recalls almost 304,000 Accords and HR-Vs over seat belt defect

Honda is recalling almost 304,000 of its popular Accord and HR-V models due to a potential defect in the seat belt buckle. Accord sedans from the 2016 to 2018 model years, as well as HR-V crossovers from the 2016 to 2019 model years, are the vehicles affected. According to Honda, “the driver or front passenger […]


If you haven’t started your Thanksgiving trip, you’re not alone. The busiest days are still to come.

Most people will be traveling throughout Thanksgiving Weekend. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel day, so if possible, try to leave a few days before or after Wednesday. That being said, make sure to check for the latest safety guidelines and take precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing when you’re […]


Money worries push some shoppers to tighten budgets while others buy now, pay later

When facing financial worries, some shoppers will tighten their budgets and focus on only purchasing necessities, while others may, in a strategy of denial, purchase now and pay later by borrowing or utilizing a credit card. Those that are able to borrow or use a credit card may find that focusing on smaller purchases and […]


Diageo cites Diddy rape claims in renewed push to keep him out of tequila ads

Diageo has renewed its push to stop Sean “Diddy” Combs appearing in tequila ads after allegations were made against him that he raped a 13-year-old girl. The company, which owns the tequila brand, DeLeon, has raised concerns that Combs’ appearance in the ads could hurt the brand’s image. The company said in a statement, “In […]


UAW autoworkers officially ratified new contract, union says

UAW autoworkers voted to approve a new four-year contract with U.S. automakers, according to a statement from the union published late Monday. The contract, which will impact more than 156,000 workers, was reached over the weekend and requires final ratification by all three automakers. It includes pay increases, new pension plans for veteran autoworkers, and […]


OpenAI employees threaten to quit en masse after former CEO Sam Altman joins Microsoft

OpenAI employees do not appear to have threatened to quit en masse after former CEO Sam Altman joined Microsoft. The OpenAI website states that Altman is now acting as a president and board member of OpenAI, which suggests that the organization has accepted his transition to Microsoft. OpenAI employees have posted about their excitement for […]


Warner Bros. drops price of Max subscription with ads as streaming fight rages on

In a bid to make its subscription streaming service more competitive in the increasingly crowded streaming market, Warner Bros. has announced it is dropping the price of its ad-supported subscription package, Max, from $9.99 to $7.99 per month. The move comes as Warner Bros. struggles to match the aggressive pricing and content offerings of streaming […]


Holiday travelers can expect cheaper flights, packed hotels and lots of boomers

Holiday travelers can expect to find cheaper flights to many popular destinations thanks to the increased competition among many airlines. The hotels in these same destinations are also likely to be filled to capacity as well as people taking their holiday getaways. In addition, those looking to vacation with elderly family members may find that […]


GM union workers ratify UAW deal following contentious vote

On Sunday, more than 98% of the roughly 55,000 union workers represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) voted in favor of a new contract with General Motors (GM), following a contentious vote that lasted nearly two weeks. The new labor deal includes pay raises for both current and retired workers, as well as new […]