Pink Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup release sparks mayhem at Target stores

The limited-edition Starbucks cup featuring the beloved animated character Pink Stanley Quencher has caused a stir among fans all over the world. The popular cup was released through a collaboration between Starbucks and the popular animated property, Pink Stanley Quencher. The cup was released exclusively at Target stores in the US and Canada on January 29th, 2021.

The cup was an instant hit with fans who quickly descended on their nearest Target stores to get their hands on the sought-after collectibles. However, the rush to purchase the cup has caused some controversy, as the items were sold in limited quantities, which made it difficult for many to get their hands on the product. Reports of customers fighting over the cups and some Target stores reportedly having to be shut down due to a chaotic reaction from customers have been reported.

Despite the controversy, many fans are overjoyed to own the now-famous Pink Stanley Quencher Starbucks cup and have taken to social media to express their satisfaction. The unexpected popularity of the cup has also caught the attention of corporate media, with many outlets reporting on the buzz that the cup has caused.

The exclusive release of the collectible cup shows that fans of the popular animated property are passionate and committed to their love of the characters. Whether or not thecup will become a sought-after collector’s item in the near future remains to be seen, but for now, many fans are ecstatic to own the now-infamous cup.