Taxpayers foot bill for $23M in DOJ investigations into Trump, $6.4M Biden probe

According to an analysis by the conservative Judicial Watch group, the DOJ spent an estimated $23 million on investigations into potential crimes allegedly committed by former President Donald Trump and his associates during the course of his four years in office, while the Biden administration is estimated to have spent just $6.4 million on investigating potential crimes committed by then President Joe Biden or his associates.

The DOJ spent an estimated $9 million on cases related to the Russia probe, including investigations into Michael Flynn ($2.4 million) and Paul Manafort ($3.6 million), for a total of $5.7 million. An additional $4.7 million was spent on the Michael Cohen case. The biggest cost came from the Southern District of New York’s Emoluments Case investigation against Trump, which cost an estimated $12.7 million.

The Biden administration has conducted an estimated $6.2 million worth of investigations into potential crimes committed by then-President Biden. The biggest expenditure was the investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs, with the DOJ spending an estimated $4.5 million on it.

It is important to note that all of these figures are estimates and the actual amounts may be higher or lower.