Trump medical report released as Biden faces concerns over age, health

On Tuesday, the campaign of presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden released a medical report from his physician attesting to his physical health and fitness for office. The document, which was produced by Biden’s long-time doctor Dr. Kevin O’Connor of the Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, showed that the 77-year-old Biden is in “overall very good health” and has “no medical conditions that would limit his ability to carry out the rigors of the Presidency.”

The report comes amidst some concerns over Biden’s age and health, particularly following the death of former President George H.W. Bush at the age of 94 earlier this year.

The medical report also revealed that Biden weighs 170 pounds and is 6 feet 0 inches tall, giving him a Body Mass Index of 24.8 – a healthy number. Additionally, Biden’s blood pressure and cholesterol are both normal.

The report also noted that Biden is a “lifelong nonsmoker,” participates in regular cardio and weight training, and plays golf and basketball – activities that help him maintain his physical fitness.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign said that the candidate followed public health guidelines and received a COVID-19 test for precautionary reasons, which came back negative. Biden will continue to follow public health guidance and get periodic tests for the virus, the campaign said.

The report should go some way toward quelling any doubts about Biden’s health and age. And although it is not uncommon for Presidential candidates to release medical reports, Biden’s came relatively earlier in the campaign season.