Christie insists antisemitism in US not a ‘rise’ but ‘unmasking’: ‘It’s been there’

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has forcefully argued that recent reports of rising antisemitism in the United States are a result of long-standing tendencies in the country, rather than a new surge in anti-Semitic activity. Christie said that what is being seen is “unmasking” of pre-existing hatred rather than an increase in frequency or severity. He drew attention to the rise in attacks on Jewish synagogues, schools, and cemeteries across the country, saying that this “unmasks the fact that this bigotry has been there all along.” Christie also emphasized that antisemitism is not exclusive to any nation or political affiliation. “It’s … found in every part of the political spectrum,” he said. Christie urged people to “take seriously and acknowledge” the fact that antisemitism has a long history in the US, and that it must be fought in all its forms.