Speaker Johnson: Biden engaging in ‘cover-up’ of role in Hunter business dealings, impeachment probe continues

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) accused presidential candidate Joe Biden of engaging in a “cover-up” of his role in his son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine and other countries on Wednesday. The explosive charge comes as the House investigatory machinery grinds on regarding the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Pelosi said in a statement that “there are still questions that need to be answered about the role Vice President Biden played in his son’s overseas business dealings.”

“It is imperative that the public’s confidence in our government be restored,” Pelosi said. “We must get to the truth. Concealment or cover-up of any facts must not be allowed, whatever the source.”

The powerful charge from the speaker indicates that the impeachment process is likely to further examine the seemingly entwined issues of Biden and his son Hunter’s business dealings overseas. Trump has long sought to tar Biden with accusations of wrongdoing related to Ukraine, despite no evidence that the former vice president used his office inappropriately.