Mike Pence suspends his struggling 2024 campaign

Vice President Mike Pence has suspended his 2024 presidential campaign due to his declining popularity.

Pence had been lagging in polls and had only one percent support — the lowest of any Republican aspirant in the early race.

The former Indiana governor had also failed to raise the money necessary to fund a national campaign, and recently had to lay off most of his staff.

“I deeply regret that the campaign suspensions of my 2024 Presidential Campaign are necessary,” Pence had said in a statement.

The decision to suspend the campaign comes a few weeks after Pence decided to run for the White House again.

Though Pence had been considered a frontrunner for the nomination, his political fortunes had been slipping since he become embroiled in the Capitol riot.

Pence had been widely criticized for his handling of former President Donald Trump’s attempts to subvert the 2020 election.