Hungarian foreign minister slams ‘lecturing’ Biden admin, hopes for return to Trump-era


Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto has sharply criticized the Joe Biden administration for its early approach to foreign policy, saying it was “lecturing” other countries and signaling a shift away from the Trump-era policies of building economic and political ties.

He said the Biden administration was “trying to out-Trump Trump, except that Trump was doing it with a certain type of logic and certain type of culture of dialogue, [while] now it became a highly intrusive, lecturing approach.”

Szijjarto also said he “was appalled” by the “unilateral and hasty” decision to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal without consulting other nations. He said he was concerned about the administration’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, a major export pipeline that was to run from Canada to the US, saying it represented “unilateral economic aggression” against the US ally.

He expressed hope that the Biden administration would reconsider its approach and return to the Trump-era policies of building stronger economic and political relationships with other nations.