Weeks into the Covid booster rollout, parents of young children say the shots are scarce

It has been several weeks since the Covid booster rollout began, and parents of young children are expressing frustration over the lack of vaccine options for their children. Many states and local health authorities have limited booster shots to those age 12 and older, leaving young children and their adult caregivers in a bind. Many pediatricians and family doctors are unable to provide booster doses due to a shortage of doses, and those who do offer vaccines are experiencing a surge in demand that has made it difficult to accommodate all those seeking a vaccine. Vaccine distribution has also been complicated by logistical complications such as a lack of available CLIA-certified laboratories and issues related to storage and shipping. As a result, parents are facing long wait times and delays in vaccine appointments. With the rise of Covid variants, it is essential that the vaccine be made available to all children eligible for the booster dose in order to protect them and their families from the risks posed by the virus.