Desert horror: Music festival goers heard rockets, then Gaza militants fired on them and took hostages

The desert horror unfolded quickly. Music festival goers heard the distant sound of rockets and then panic spread when Gaza militants unexpectedly fired on them from nearby hills. Their barrage of bullets hit several people in the crowd and several more were taken hostage, keeping the rest of the patrons from fleeing the scene.

The militants continued firing and their shouted orders demanding that all remaining people stay still. Soon, a tense standoff developed between the militants and the hostages, with the fear of a possible massacre looming in the air.

Local law enforcement soon arrived and were able to negotiate the release of the hostages. Those who were injured were taken to hospitals for treatment.

Several days later, the militants responsible for the attack were found and the siege was brought to an end. Although the horror of what had happened left an indelible mark on many of those who were present, time has also allowed them to move forward and heal.