‘No safe area’: CNN journalist details his family’s desperate flight south from Gaza City

CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh and his family were among the thousands of Gazans who had been given just 15 minutes to pack and leave their homes as Israel bombings continued to target Gaza City. The Walsh family’s journey in search of safety took them from the relative safety of the city and into dangerous and unknown southern territories.

Along the way, they encountered intense instability and violence. For days, they had no access to food and water as Israeli aircraft targeted the roads they had to travel. Eventually, they made it to safety in Khan Younis, only to be met with violence and chaos.

Walsh wrote of his family’s experience, “There is no safe area in Gaza anymore, nowhere that you can escape to find sanctuary, no part of this little territory that you can trust to not erupt suddenly into terror, into explosions, into chaos.”

The experience of Walsh and his family is mirrored by thousands of Gazans fleeing their homes via dangerous and unpredictable paths. With no clear sign of an end to the conflict in sight, and a severe lack of access to healthy food, clean water and medical care, Gazans are facing an increasingly desperate situation.