UAW says it’s expanding strike to include major Ford truck plant in Kentucky

The United Auto Workers (UAW) have said they are expanding their nationwide strike with General Motors to include a major Ford truck plant in Kentucky.

The Louisville Assembly Plant, Ford’s most profitable truck plant, builds the F-250 and F-350 Super Duty models. The UAW said it is taking this step to protect workers’ rights.

Ford spokesman Kelli Felker said the company has been preparing for potential disruption due to a possible UAW strike. She said the company recognizes the workers’ right to strike and that Ford has been negotiating in good faith with the UAW to reach an agreement.

The UAW has been on strike at GM plants across the country since mid-September, during which they’ve been protesting terms of a new contract. Ford is already in negotiations for a new contract with the UAW, and the union has said they will put pressure on the company by expanding the strike to include its Louisville plant.

Ford and other automakers have come under scrutiny due to allegations of labor violations and mistreatment of workers. The UAW has said it is taking steps to ensure that the rights workers, including those at the Louisville Assembly Plant, are protected.