‘We are starving to death:’ Residents of Nagorno-Karabakh fear for future under blockade

In the town of Martakert​, Armenia, people living in Nagorno-Karabakh fear for their future following heavy fighting in the region. As a result of the conflict, the region has been under a blockade, effectively cutting off access to essential supplies and food.

Residents of Martakert say they are struggling to stay alive. With no access to outside markets, food is scarce and expensive. Over the past month, prices have tripled, leaving many people unable to afford basic necessities like bread and potatoes. As the conflict and blockade continues, the situation is only getting worse.

Local authorities have stepped in to help, offering some food and aid to the needy. However, these measures are not enough and families are struggling to survive. Parents worry about feeding their children and fear for their future in a region that is beset by war.

Given the unstable situation, many people are considering leaving the region for a better life elsewhere. But for those who stay, getting enough food in the face of a continuing siege is a daily challenge.