Activists spray red paint over billionaire Walmart heiress’s superyacht for a second time

Activists affiliated with the environmental advocacy group Extinction Rebellion have spray painted the deck of a superyacht owned by Walmart heiress Alice Walton for a second time.

The activists, who are protesting what they see as high-level actions that have contributed to climate change, climbed on board the Maltese Falcon in the San Francisco Bay late last week to spray paint the upper deck in a bright red, accompanied by the message, “Act Now.” This reportedly marks the second time that Walton’s yacht has been sprayed with the same message.

In response, Walton’s representatives have issued a statement condemning the “willful destruction” committed by the activists and called it “a senseless act of vandalism directed solely at Ms. Walton simply because of her wealth and success.” They have also called for Extinction Rebellion to end its ongoing protests.

The activists’ actions have sparked fierce debate across social media, with both sides offering passionate arguments. On one hand, some argue that Walton’s vast fortune could be used to fight the very issues protested by the activists. Others, however, point to the fact that this type of direct action, while theatrical, is necessary to draw public attention to the plight of the environment.