The strengths and weaknesses of legal attempts to disqualify Trump


1. Legal challenges to Trump’s candidacy can provide a formal, independent forum to assess and adjudicate issues around his fitness for the presidency.

2. Legal argumentation and evidence has the potential to establish standards for disqualifying those unfit to lead: those with serious moral lapses, those who lack the mental or intellectual capacity, those with compromised business dealings, or those who have blatantly violated the laws of the country.

3. Legal attempts to disqualify Trump can create an objective framework that can be used to make decisions about the qualifications for presidential candidates in the future.


1. It is difficult to legally challenge Trump’s qualifications, as U.S. laws are often silent in situations like this.

2. The Supreme Court is the only institution with authority to decide whether Trump should be disqualified, and it is highly unlikely that they would agree to hear a case, as the issue is believed to be one for the people to decide.

3. Legal tactics may not be enough to sway public opinion, as the public has shown they are largely divided on Trump’s fitness for office.