That’s the American spirit: US trade negotiators block an EU tariff on bourbon, for now

https://t.co/80tkRiyK1o — Reuters Top News (@Reuters) July 12, 2017

The spirit of America was on full display in a recent push by U.S. trade negotiators to block an European Union (EU) tariff on bourbon. The tariff would have imposed a 25 percent duty on whiskey, an extension of existing punitive actions the EU took against the United States. U.S. negotiators, however, managed to persuade EU officials to hold off on the measure thus protecting one of America’s most beloved exports. The move is significant for a few reasons. It shows the U.S. is willing to stand up for its interests abroad, even when confronted with a formidable opponent, and it reaffirms the importance of American made products abroad. This spirit of determination and protectiveness is quintessentially American and was aptly represented in the decision to fight for the bourbon industry.