Russia backs Hamas terrorists, calls Israel ‘occupying power’ that ‘does not’ have right to self-defense

Russia has explicitly backed Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, saying it has a “legitimate right to self-defense” and called Israel an “occupying power” and said it “does not” have a right to self-defense.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign ministry said it strongly condemned the ” unilateral Israeli actions that destabilize the situation in the Palestinian territories,” saying that Israel needs to cease its policy of “illegal aggression” against the Palestinians. Russia said it considers Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups as “part of the national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people” and called on Israel to “promptly” end its blockade of Gaza.

Russia also accused Israel of violating international law through its actions in the occupied Palestinian territories, saying it is necessary to ensure the security of the local population. Furthermore, the Moscow called on Israel to “refrain from excessive use of force” in self-defense and end its illegal blockade of Gaza.

Russia’s position makes it one of the few countries in the international community to support the legitimacy of Hamas and recognize its right to self-defense. By doing so, Russia has complicated the diplomatic efforts to end the recent outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas.