Orlando debuts self-driving shuttle that will whisk passengers around downtown

The city of Orlando has unveiled a new self-driving shuttle that will transport residents and visitors around downtown. The shuttle, made by Beep, has already been deployed for a limited 15-day trial period. During this time, the company will gather data to ensure that the shuttle’s systems function properly before it is fully rolled out.

The shuttle is equipped with cameras that detect pedestrians, other vehicles, and other objects around it. It can hold up to eight passengers and has been designed to be wheelchair accessible. It will travel on roads with speed limits of 25 miles per hour or less.

The shuttle is part of the city’s efforts to reduce traffic congestion and provide residents with transportation options beyond cars and buses. Along with the self-driving shuttle, the city has also proposed a network of scooters and bike lanes.

The shuttle has been met with a mix of excitement and hesitancy from locals. Some are hesitant to trust a driverless vehicle, while others are eager to try out the cutting-edge technology. Regardless, the data collected from the trial period will be invaluable in ensuring that the shuttle runs smoothly.