Hitchhiker’s Guide to how the Santos expulsion will amplify pressure on Democrats to deal with men

accused of misconduct

1. The Democratic Party must condemn the behavior of former Congressman Tony Santos and make clear that such misconduct is not tolerated.

2. The Democratic Party must review how Santos’ case was handled and how any behavior of this nature is addressed going forward.

3. The Democratic Party must send a strong signal that survivors of sexual assault and harassment will be supported and protected, and that justice will be sought for the wrongdoers.

4. The Democratic Party will need to implement concrete measures to protect victims speaking out on these issues and ensure the party stands behind them.

5. The Democratic party should create a task force to examine gender dynamics in the workplace and hold everyone accountable.

6. The Democratic Party must create an environment of equality, where perpetrators are held to account and victims are given the same respect and dignity as any other member of the Democratic Party.

7. The Democratic Party must prioritize education and understanding of sexual misconduct and push for more resources for survivors of such incidents.

8. The Democratic Party must ensure that the lines of communication remain open and offer survivors avenues where they feel safe to come forward and speak about their experience without fear of retribution or judgement.