Fox News Poll: Voters divided over what US should do in foreign conflicts

The latest Fox News poll shows that American voters are divided on how the U.S. should respond to foreign conflicts, with 35 percent saying the U.S. should actively engage in conflicts around the world, 28 percent saying the U.S. should remain disengaged, and 37 percent saying it depends on the situation.

The poll also found that there is a divide on how the U.S. should approach military conflicts. Fifty percent of voters believe the U.S. should use diplomacy and economic sanctions to try and resolve conflict rather than use military might, while 44 percent are in favor of using the military.

Voters are also divided on the issue of foreign aid. Forty-nine percent of those surveyed say the United States should provide more foreign aid, while 47 percent are opposed.

Overall, the poll suggests that American voters are uncertain about how the U.S. should handle foreign conflicts and foreign aid, and that their opinions are often divided along political lines.