FBI whistleblower calls House GOP ‘soulless demons’ after voting to give the agency a new $300 million HQ

The whistleblower, Thomas Tamm, criticized House Republicans for voting to give the FBI a new $300 million headquarters, saying they had become “soulless demons.” Tamm worked as a Justice Department attorney and is the whistleblower who revealed the George W. Bush administration’s illegal domestic surveillance program in 2005. He expressed dismay that Congress would fund the massive headquarters with taxpayer money, noting that the FBI already has plenty of resources.

“The decision of House Republicans to allocate [$300] million dollars for the construction of a new FBI headquarters in downtown Washington is a perfect example of why they have become soulless demons who are willing to do anything to abuse and enrich themselves with taxpayer money,” Tamm told The Intercept.

He added that the money could be better spent elsewhere. “In the midst of a pandemic that has paralyzed our economy, and an uprising that demands real police reform, the politicians in Washington D.C. could have spent this $300 million on housing, healthcare, education, and so many of the other necessities of life which our communities lack.”