Coca-Cola quietly deletes language supporting BLM after Ted Cruz calls out pro-Hamas post

Coca-Cola recently deleted language on its website and social media accounts which declared its support for the Black Lives Matter movement after the company faced criticism from Republican Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz tweeted on July 11th asking the beverage giant for clarification on its support for the movement following an alleged post from one of its German divisions calling for the support of Hamas, the Palestinian militant group.

Coca-Cola had posted on its website several days prior, pledging its support for the BLM movement, stating “we will continue to invest in creating a better and more equal future for all people.” However, following Cruz’s comments, the company revised its statement and removed the reference to BLM, instead focusing on its commitment to equality and inclusion.

The company noted that it, “recognizes that there is no place for discrimination or hatred”, regardless of the movement, and defended its revisions by saying they only “refocused” their language. Coca-Cola has since apologized for the post from its German division and has made clear that the organizations mission will continue to be advancing inclusivity and equality.