Charles Peters, Washington Monthly founder, dies at 96

Washington Monthly founder Charles Peters passed away at the age of 96.

Peters was a preeminent figure in American politics, having co-founded The Washington Monthly in 1969. The magazine was a beacon for progressive voices in an era of rapid political change, and it had a significant impact on national dialogues for more than four decades.

Peters was a New Deal Democrat and a strong advocate of civil rights. He was a driving force behind creating a modern, well-staffed White House staff, and he was known for his long list of accomplishments—including eliminating the congressional “earmark” process. His “big ideas” style was also a hallmark of the Washington Monthly, which he ran until his retirement in 2012.

Peters will be remembered as a pioneering force for progressive politics in America. His legacy will live on in the Washington Monthly, as well as in the numerous small magazine startups that have been founded in his wake.