Biden team looks at buying more ads amid ongoing polling concerns

The 2024 presidential election is more than three and a half years away, but Joe Biden’s team is already looking at ways to improve its chances of re-election. According to a report from Politico, the Biden team is considering buying more television and digital advertisements in the run-up to the election.

The idea reportedly came out of concerns that Biden’s team was not polling well, and that they needed to reach more people to get their message across. Part of this effort includes looking for ways to more effectively target ads to key demographic groups.

The Biden team is also reportedly considering bringing in outside pollsters to help them better understand the electorate. His team is also looking at ways to reach out to key voting blocks, such as African-Americans, younger voters, and women with larger ad buys.

The plans come at a time when Biden’s approval rating is below 50% and Democrats are worried that the midterms will be a letdown for them. While the odds of Biden being re-elected in 2024 are still long, his team is clearly looking for ways to improve his chances.