Young generation of anti-Hamas activists in Gaza step up to serve but are snubbed by UN, aid groups

The younger generation of anti-Hamas activists in Gaza have stepped up to serve as an important part of the movement to push for political reforms, but have been snubbed by the United Nations, international aid groups and Hamas itself. The activists have been frustrated in their efforts to facilitate needed aid, advocacy and assistance in Gaza, resulting in widespread frustration. While Hamas has publicly expressed support for the younger generation’s efforts, it has yet to fulfill its promise and engage with them meaningfully or offer any resources to assist their initiatives. Additionally, the United Nations and other international organizations, likewise have largely ignored the activists’ demands for greater involvement and assistance in helping to address Gaza’s urgent humanitarian and political needs. This lack of response has been infuriating to the activists, who are determined to see the situation in Gaza changed for the better. They have turned to gathering international support online and through advancements in communication technology, to bring attention to their cause and draw attention to the plight of Gaza’s population.