Trump to skip GOP debate in Iowa, hold competing town hall

Donald Trump has announced that he will skip the upcoming Republican debate in Iowa and hold a competing event as its own town hall. Trump said the event would include a “Veterans and Wounded Warriors” town hall that would be held at the same time of the Republican debate.

The news has been met with criticism from some Republicans, who say the move could disrupt the Republican race in Iowa, which is the first contest in the nation. While Trump claims he will be raising money for veterans and wounded warriors during the event, some Republicans are questioning his priorities and strategy.

It is unclear if Trump’s event will draw the same viewership that the Republican debate would have. Trump has been a big draw in past debates, and his absence could lead to lower ratings for the debate.

But it is certain that by skipping the debate, Trump has taken a strategic step in a move to shape the Republican race in his own favor. Trump has been the front-runner in many polls and polls show him leading in the upcoming Iowa caucus. It is possible that holding his own event could propel his campaign to new heights, while also allowing him to make his case to undecided Republican voters.