Biden marks 9/11 attacks by denouncing division, urging unity

Joe Biden marked the 19th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by urging Americans to reject division and embrace unity.

In a statement, the Democratic presidential nominee sought to honor those who died in the “horrific act of terror” that killed nearly 3,000 people. He noted that years later, the “attack still weighs heavily on all of us” and that the best way to honor the victims is to confront intolerance.

“We must target not only the terrorists who seek to do us harm, but also the prejudice and hatred within our own communities that can fuel intolerance and violence,” he said.

He called for Americans to come together to heal the “deep divisions in our country,” noting that “only by uniting, by standing as one, will we be able to respond to the call of history to come together to help America move forward.”

Biden also urged Americans to serve their communities and support one another in difficult times. “On September 11th, let us redouble our dedication to that service,” he said. “Let us focus our attention on what unites us, in times of crisis and day to day. And let us renew our commitment to one another.”