Trudeau blames ‘right-wing, American MAGA’ after Canadian Conservative Party votes against Ukraine bill

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has blamed “right-wing, American MAGA [Make America Great Again]” ideology for the Canadian Conservative Party’s decision to vote against a Ukrainian bill.

The legislation, introduced by Opposition leader Rona Ambrose, proposed to “create a mutually beneficial relationship between Canada and Ukraine in the areas of security, economic cooperation, and people-to-people exchanges”.

However, despite the bill being backed by every party in the Parliament aside from the Conservatives, the legislation eventually failed to pass due to Conservative MP’s refusal to support it.

In response to the vote, Trudeau voiced his displeasure in a tweet, indicating he believes the Conservatives’ refusal to support the bill was influenced by right-wing extremism from the U.S.

“The Conservative MPs who voted against this bill – and chose to oppose a relationship with Ukraine out of loyalty to right-wing, American MAGA [Make America Great Again] ideology – chose fear and division over friendship and partnership,” Trudeau tweeted.

The bill was seen as a way for Canada to become strength Ukraine’s ties to the West, while also taking a stance against Russian aggression in the region.

Trudeau’s tweet is likely a response to the Conservatives’ refusal to disavow rising U.S. and Canadian far-right movements, such as the Proud Boys.

The Conservative’s refusal to align with the other parties on the bill shows that they are willing to stand on their own even in the face of strong opposition, despite Trudeau’s criticism.