Romney uses Biden’s own words against him, calls for president to join him in retirement: ‘Time to transition’

In an attack against Joe Biden, Mitt Romney used the former vice president’s own words in a call for the president to join both him and Biden in retirement.

“Today, I join Joe Biden in calling for the President to join us in a dignified and timely transition out of office. After more than a year in office, it’s time for a change—for Joe, for me, and for the Commander in Chief,” Romney tweeted.

Romney’s pointed message was likely a response to Biden’s comments earlier on Tuesday, when he said that President Donald Trump should “start seeking a safe and orderly transfer of power” if the election is certified by the Electoral College.

Romney has been one of the few members of the GOP to criticize Trump since the election, and his tweet suggests that he may support Biden and the president’s peaceful transition of power.