Read the Maine decision to remove Trump from the 2024 primary ballot

In a 4-2 decision by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court on Tuesday, President Donald Trump will officially be blocked from having his name on the state’s presidential primary ballot in 2024.

The ruling upheld the decision of Maine’s Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap, who announced in April that Trump’s name would not appear on the ballot due to his role in encouraging the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

The majority opinion of the court echoed Dunlap’s initial decision, stating that “it is undoubtedly wise for political parties to think twice before nominating a person who stands accused of grave crimes that cast doubt on any assurances of future good behavior,” and “Trump’s own conduct gives rise to reasonable concerns that he does not meet the qualifications for public office.”

The court also explained that the state of Maine has a “compelling interest” in protecting its democracy and electoral process from “those who have engaged in conduct that threatens or undermines its peaceful operation.”

The two dissenting opinions argued that while the president’s actions may have been inappropriate, it was ultimately up to the Maine Republican party, and not the Secretary of State, to decide who appears on the Republican primary ballot.