Protests across Mideast as US’ Arab allies warn against pushing Palestinians out

Protests against the US’ potential move to shift its policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have spread across the Middle East and North Africa. Protests have been reported in parts of Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sultan, Qatar, and Kuwait with thousands of people taking to the streets to express their anger and opposition to the US’ possible decision.

The US’ Arab allies have warned that any major policy shift related to the conflict could lead to a dramatic increase in tensions in the region, and have urged the US administration to engage in dialogue with all of the parties involved in the conflict, including the Palestinians. Such a move could potentially spark a wave of violence and chaos in the Middle East and North Africa, as opposed the attempt to ease tensions in the region. The protests, which have been peaceful, are aimed at sending a clear message to the US not to pursue any policy changes in this regard.