‘For her, time is running out’: A mother’s desperate plea to get her bloodied and battered daughter out of Hamas captivity

in Gaza

The heartbreaking plea of a desperate mother, desperate to get her bloodied and battered daughter out of Hamas captivity in Gaza has been made public.

The mother’s name is Sachi, and her daughter, Noran, was brutally beaten and left for dead by Hamas forces in the latest wave of violence that has engulfed Gaza since the Israeli-Palestinian conflict began last month.

Noran had been in Gaza with her cousin to take exams for college. However, they were both detained, she was badly beaten with a belt, and guns were pointed at them.

Sachi has since launched an online campaign, begging the international community to help get her daughter released and out of Gaza. The campaign has been shared by celebrities, including Richard Gere, Angelina Jolie, and Dan Rather.

Although Noran remains in captivity, the campaign has raised awareness and resulted in numerous people from around the world expressing their solidarity with her plight.

Sachi’s plea highlights the horrors of Gaza’s occupation by Hamas, and the brutal treatment that Palestinian civilians have been enduring for months.

It also serves as a harsh reminder that many people, like Noran, have been caught up in the conflict and must be freed, so their families can have peace and security.