Israel bolsters troops at border with Gaza as Hamas hits Ashkelon with rocket barrage

In anticipation of further rocket attacks from Hamas militants, the Israeli government has bolstered troops and defense systems at its border with the Gaza Strip. This came after Hamas launched a barrage of rockets towards Ashkelon, a major Israeli city, on Saturday.

The Israeli military said more than 50 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip on Saturday, most of which were intercepted by the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system. The attack caused some property damage in the city, but no casualties were reported. The Israeli military responded by striking about 50 targets in Gaza, which it said belonged to Hamas.

The increased military presence comes as the latest act in a string of escalating clashes between Hamas and the Israeli government. Last week, Israeli forces destroyed a cross-border tunnel that Hamas had built to infiltrate Israeli territory.

The Israeli government has also delayed a vote in the Knesset regarding potentially allowing tens of thousands of African immigrants to remain in the country. Hamas has made a call for increased protests in response and is calling for international action against Israel.

The Palestinian people are suffering from the Israeli government’s actions, but Hamas is not helping their situation with their indiscriminate rocket fire. The international community must put pressure on both sides to de-escalate the situation before further violence occurs.