How Speaker Mike Johnson’s plans for a Christian law school unraveled

In 2020, Speaker Mike Johnson of the Louisiana House of Representatives proposed a plan to create a Christian-focused law school at Louisiana College. Johnson, an outspoken Christian and conservative, claimed the school would foster a Christian worldview.

However, by the end of the year, the plan had unraveled as opposition and concerns mounted. Louisiana College President Rick Brewer proposed the school but some of the school’s faculty and students had concerns about the school’s mission. They feared the school would prioritize a particular brand of Christianity while shutting out members from other faiths.

Critics also argued the school would violate the separation of church and state and criticized Johnson for attempting to pass legislation that would favor his religious beliefs. Other concerns included the potential for discrimination against women and LGBTQ individuals.

The controversy eventually led Brewer to remove the proposal for the law school and eventually resign as president of the school. The school then decided it would focus on developing a law program that can work within the existing constraints of U.S. laws. Following Brewer’s departure, the school publically announced it would no longer pursue a plan for the Christian-focused law school.