Dog that survived in the wild after going missing nearly 7 years ago is rescued

The dog, a pit-mix named Max, was rescued after survived nearly seven years in the wild after going missing in 2013. He was discovered in a remote area near an airport in Arizona, nearly 800 miles from his home in Illinois, where he had gone missing. Max was found to be skinny and full of ticks, but alive and in good health. The Humane Society of Central Arizona, where Max was taken, said he was “just as friendly as he was when he first went missing.” They were also amazed at how well he had adapted to life in the wild and how he had allowed himself to be rescued without putting up too much of a fight. His owner, George Godoy, was so happy to find out that his beloved dog had survived and was on his way home. Max was brought home in July 2020, and George said he was “left speechless” when he saw his dog for the first time.