Doctors race to save newborns as Israel says it’s battling Hamas around Gaza’s largest hospital

Doctors in Gaza are racing to save the lives of newborn babies as a new wave of violence continues to devastate the region. Israel says it is targeting militant sites around al-Shifa hospital, the largest in the region. Israeli airstrikes have destroyed buildings and severely damaged the hospital, while Palestinian militant rocket attacks have killed and injured many civilians. The neonatal unit at al-Shifa is bearing the brunt of the conflict, with six premature babies dying due to a power cut and equipment damage. With the hospital struggling to cope, doctors have been forced to move some premature babies to other hospitals in the area. Humanitarian organizations have reported a shortage of medical supplies and a lack of capacity to provide neonatal intensive care in the region. With the conflict showing no signs of abating, doctors fear that more babies will die in the coming days unless the conflict is resolved.