As pet insurance becomes more popular, owners complain about rising prices and denied claims

due to coverage.

To counter rising prices, pet owners can look into different types of pet insurance policies. A?few good options are to look into multi-pet insurance policies and discounts.[Multi-pet policies can often bring down the cost of coverage for multiple pets, while discounts may be available for multi-year plans or for those with a higher deductible.] Additionally, pet owners should take the time to read the insurance policy carefully to ensure that their pet’s needs are fully covered. When shopping for insurance policies, pet owners should also compare different providers to see what coverage and cost options are available.

It is also important to remember that some claims may be denied due to a pre-existing condition. Pet owners should also be aware of any exclusions in the insurance policy, such as breed-specific illnesses and behavioral issues. Finally, pet owners should be persistent when pursuing claims and should reach out to their insurance provider if denied without reasonable explanation.