What sea level rise will look like in cities that have hosted climate summits

In cities that have hosted climate summits, sea level rise is likely to be significant and dramatic in some places. The severity of the effects vary from place to place. These effects will range from increased flooding, to coastal erosion, to displacement of people and communities who are most vulnerable to the impacts. Coastal cities are particularly at risk of rising sea levels, as coastal roads and buildings will be inundated by rising waters and the infrastructure to protect these areas will become increasingly important. Changes in sea level will also reduce the ability of beaches to protect against storms and cause saltwater to further penetrate ground water sources, making them undrinkable for human use. Changes to storm intensity and flood risk may also occur, allowing climate-related risks to cause further damage to coastal communities. As sea levels continue to rise, the need for coastal protection and adaptation strategies will become more important for cities that have hosted climate summits in order to prevent large-scale destruction of vulnerable communities.