UN Security Council adopts resolution calling for urgent ‘humanitarian pauses and corridors’ in Gaza

On August 16th, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian ceasefire to enable urgent humanitarian aid to reach the population of Gaza. The resolution calls for a “humanitarian pause and corridor” that would allow food and medical supplies to access those in urgent need in Gaza. It also calls on the parties to agree on a full and sustained ceasefire, and to end the firing of rockets and missiles into each other’s territories. The resolution was welcomed by both sides, with Israel welcoming the resolution and Hamas “praising” the initiative. However, both sides have yet to agree on the terms of the resolution or when the ceasefire can begin. The situation in Gaza is rapidly deteriorating, with over 1,700 killed and 9,000 injured, and more than 500,000 displaced in the conflict. The UN resolution calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities for at least 72 hours, to allow for humanitarian aid to be delivered into the region.