The FBI Seizes Nearly $2 Million Of Digital Assets In Three Months, New Filings Reveal

According to new documents filed by the FBI, the agency seized nearly $2 million worth of digital assets in three months during the summer of 2020. The assets were seized either from criminals or from those believed to be committed financial or cyber crime. The documents reveal an increase in FBI activity in digital asset investigations, suggesting the agency is paying closer attention to the developing cryptocurrency markets.

The documents show that in some cases, the FBI was able to recover stolen funds from victims’ wallets, while other times, the organization conducted investigations to identify the culprits of cybercrimes and banking worries. While the documents don’t specify how much of the seized assets were from cryptocurrencies, they do further illustrate the FBI’s focus on safeguarding digital assets from theft and abuse.

With the growing popularity and availability of cryptocurrencies, the FBI is likely to continue increasing its efforts in pursuing cases involving digital assets. As the bureau expands its investigation techniques and capabilities, criminals should also be increasingly wary or face the consequences of their actions upon prosecution.