Stellar corpse called ‘Tasmanian devil’ reveals phenomenon astronomers have never seen


A stellar corpse called the Tasmanian devil has revealed a phenomenon that astronomers have never seen before. The remains of an exploded star, located in the Magellanic Clouds, were found to have two opposing jets of material spewing out in opposite directions of the galactic plane.

The discovery was made by a team of international astronomers. The team used data from 11 telescopes to probe the dwarf galaxy and its surroundings, finding that the streams of material from the stellar corpse moved along both sides of the galactic plane.

This phenomenon is believed to have been caused by the star’s initial explosion, known as a supernova. The inner material was pushing out along the galactic plane while the outer material was pushed onto the opposite side.

This kind of phenomenon has previously been seen in a number of other galaxies, but the Tasmanian Devil is the first time astronomers have seen it in the Magellanic Clouds. It’s still too early to say for sure how this phenomenon works, but the team believes it could provide insight into how stars evolve and die in different environments.