Lawmakers bracing for many congressional retirements, even from younger members

Lawmakers are preparing for a wave of congressional retirements in 2020, as a large number of members from both parties potentially bow out, due to both natural shifting of the political landscape and a general sense of fatigue amongst current congress members. While the majority of those chosen not to run for re-election will likely be older members with many years of service, some of the expected retirements could come from younger members, particularly from the centrist “blue-dog” Democrats on Capitol Hill. As the US House faces the prospect of a major power shift in November, many current members may not want to be around to ride out the turbulence. With new potential candidates seeking office in what could be a volatile atmosphere, aesthetics could play a role in shaping the 2020 election—meaning even those in Congress with relatively short tenures may jump ship and seek other ways to contribute to public life.