Israeli tank fire killed Reuters journalist in October attack, CNN analysis suggests

According to a CNN analysis, an Israeli tank fired a shell on October 15th during an attack on Gaza which killed Reuters journalist Yasser Murtaja. Following the incident, Israel Defense Forces said that they took all precautions to avoid civilian casualties, and only targeted areas which they deemed a threat.

It is believed that Murtaja was hit by the Israeli tank shell while he was monitoring protests near the boundary separating Israel from the Gaza Strip. He was reportedly wearing a T-shirt identifying himself as a journalist, and flew his drone to film protests from a distance. However, Israeli military said that they were unaware of Murtaja’s presence, and that the tank that fired the shell was being used to provide covering fire in order to protect ground troops.

Murtaja’s death has brought to light the risks faced by reporters in a conflict zone, and has prompted a call for the protection of press personnel. Both the International Federation of Journalists and Reporters Without Borders have urged for an international investigation to determine the specifics of Murtaja’s death.