GM union workers ratify UAW deal following contentious vote

On Sunday, more than 98% of the roughly 55,000 union workers represented by the United Auto Workers (UAW) voted in favor of a new contract with General Motors (GM), following a contentious vote that lasted nearly two weeks.

The new labor deal includes pay raises for both current and retired workers, as well as new investments in the U.S. by GM. It also includes an additional $11,000 in pension payments to qualified retirees.

The new agreement is largely considered a victory for the union, as it brings higher wages and more job security to its members. However, it does come with some concessions, such as changes to health care and pension plans.

Despite the overwhelming vote in favor of the contract, the ratification process was not without controversy. Some union members had voiced their opposition to the deal, citing the lack of job security and other issues they had with the contract.

Overall, the ratification of the new contract is seen as a win for both GM and the UAW. It provides stability for both parties as GM moves forward with its plans to transition to electric vehicles and other new technologies.