Gaston Glock, creator of handgun that flooded the world, dies at 94


Gaston Glock, the inventor of the revolutionary 17-round handgun that would come to dominate the world’s global firearms market, has died in Vienna at age 94.

Glock, a pocket-sized Austrian engineer, designed the polymer-framed Glock 17 in 1982. The novel design was the first of its kind and changed the way guns are made today. In the decades since, Glock’s handguns have become ubiquitous with law enforcement, military and civilian shooters around the world.

The design of the handgun made it easier to conceal and made it simpler and more reliable to operate than its predecessors. It was also lighter, more durable and could quickly fire multiple rounds without reloading.

The Glock 17’s success led to a series of guns based on the same design principles. Glock now has several pistol models, ranging in size and capacity, as well as shotguns and submachine guns. The company has also developed a wide range of accessories, such as lasers, night sights and suppressors.

Almost 40 years after its introduction, the Glock remains popular with shooters from all walks of life, whether as a military or police service weapon, civilian self-defense tool or competition firearm.