Trustpilot removes 2.7M fake reviews, hits 46.7M total in past year

Trustpilot, the online review platform, has announced that it has removed 2.7 million fake reviews from its platform in the past year. This brings the total number of reviews removed by the company to 4.5 million since 2018.

The company has been working hard to combat fake reviews, which can be damaging to businesses and misleading to consumers. Trustpilot uses a combination of automated and manual processes to detect and remove fake reviews, including machine learning algorithms and a team of content moderators.

In addition to removing fake reviews, Trustpilot has also taken steps to improve the overall quality of reviews on its platform. The company has introduced new guidelines for reviewers, including a requirement that they have actually used the product or service they are reviewing.

Trustpilot has also introduced a new feature called “Verified Reviews,” which allows businesses to collect reviews from customers who have made a verified purchase. These reviews are given a special badge to indicate that they are from verified customers, which can help to increase their credibility.

The company’s efforts to improve the quality of reviews on its platform have been well-received by both businesses and consumers. Trustpilot has seen a significant increase in the number of reviews on its platform, with a total of 46.7 million reviews now available.

Trustpilot’s CEO, Peter Holten Mühlmann, said in a statement, “We are committed to providing a platform that is fair, transparent, and trustworthy for both businesses and consumers. Our efforts to combat fake reviews and improve the overall quality of reviews on our platform are an important part of that commitment.”

Overall, Trustpilot’s efforts to combat fake reviews and improve the quality of reviews on its platform are a positive development for both businesses and consumers. By providing a trustworthy platform for reviews, Trustpilot is helping to ensure that consumers can make informed decisions and that businesses can build their reputations based on genuine feedback from their customers.