Toyota shuts down operations due to cyberattack on supplier

Toyota Shuts Down Operations Due to Cyberattack on Supplier

Toyota, the world’s largest automaker, has been forced to shut down its operations in Japan due to a cyberattack on one of its suppliers. The attack, which occurred on June 21, targeted the computer systems of Asahi Kasei, a major supplier of automotive parts to Toyota.

The cyberattack has disrupted Toyota’s production lines, causing the company to halt operations at its factories in Japan. The shutdown is expected to last for several days, and Toyota has warned that it may take some time to fully recover from the attack.

The cyberattack on Asahi Kasei is just the latest in a series of attacks on Japanese companies in recent months. In May, Honda was forced to shut down its operations in Japan and North America due to a ransomware attack. And in June, Mitsubishi Electric revealed that it had been the victim of a cyberattack that had gone undetected for almost a year.

The rise in cyberattacks on Japanese companies has prompted the Japanese government to take action. In May, the government announced that it would establish a new agency to coordinate cybersecurity efforts across different government agencies and the private sector.

The government has also been urging companies to take cybersecurity more seriously. In a recent survey of Japanese companies, only 30% said that they had a cybersecurity strategy in place. The government has set a target of increasing this to 50% by 2020.

The cyberattack on Toyota is a reminder of the growing threat of cybercrime to businesses around the world. As companies become more reliant on technology, they are also becoming more vulnerable to cyberattacks. It is essential that companies take steps to protect themselves from cybercrime, including implementing strong cybersecurity measures and regularly reviewing their security protocols.

In the case of Toyota, the company has said that it is working closely with Asahi Kasei to investigate the cyberattack and to restore its operations as quickly as possible. The company has also said that it is taking steps to strengthen its cybersecurity measures to prevent future attacks.

The cyberattack on Toyota is a wake-up call for all businesses to take cybersecurity seriously. As the threat of cybercrime continues to grow, companies must be proactive in protecting themselves and their customers from the devastating effects of cyberattacks.