Everything That You Should Know about Solitaire


Solitaire is a world-famous card game designed for one person. It will be interesting to know that there is more than one solitaire meaning. For example, in jewelry, it means a single diamond that adorns a ring or a brooch, which is a sign of good taste and elegance.

This game has a meditative effect on people because they become relaxed and distracted from problems when playing solitaire. If you go through the history of solitaire, you will understand that people started to play it for relaxation a few centuries ago. Over time, solitaire has turned into a computer application for Windows and other operating systems, which is especially appreciated by office workers because they have an opportunity to play this interesting game during short breaks instead of smoking cigarettes or eating sweets. If the information that you can find on solitaire Wiki is not enough for you, then continue reading this article to find out more about the world of solitaire.

What Does Solitaire Mean?

There is no single solitaire definition as well. As was stated, in the gambling world, solitaire means a selection of card games designed for one person. This word takes the beginning from the Latin word ‘solitarius,’ which means ‘alone’ or ‘isolated.’

History of Solitaire

This game is often called ‘patience’ from the French. Most people are familiar with solitaire card games thanks to Windows solitaire, which made this game so popular. However, not all players know that solitaire network has an ancient history, which is still completely unknown.

First, we need to mention that the history of playing cards is also very mysterious. For example, we know for sure that Arabs invented chess, but the appearance of decks of cards has several versions. The version that most historians agree with is that cards appeared in ancient Egypt as it was a very progressive area. Later, due to the relocation of various ethnic groups, playing cards appeared in European secular society. Most scholars date the appearance of cards in Europe around the 15th century.

The origin of solitaire card games is also unknown. There is a legend that Louis 14, the King of France who was a well-known lover of entertainment and hedonistic lifestyle, contributed to the appearance of solitaire. Allegedly, he ordered his court mathematician to invent a card game, the company for which was unnecessary. According to another version, the nobles who were imprisoned in the world-famous Bastille prison invented a solitaire game just to kill time. 

It is not difficult to guess that the first rules of the solitaire appeared simultaneously with the game itself. For example, according to another legend, there was an owner of a casino in Saratoga named Mr. Richard Albert Canfield who came up with an interesting game that required the participants to ‘buy’ a deck of cards for $50 to start the game. $5 was given for every card placed into the foundations, and the maximum win was $500.

Mr. Canfield gave his invention two names — the first one aimed at glorifying his name, so it sounds like Canfield, and the second one became more widely known as Klondike.

Windows Solitaire

Most people are familiar with solitaire board games. They were not created by a brilliant programmer or a group of employees working on a full-time project, but by Microsoft intern Wes Cherry. According to Cherry, his internship was comprehensive, but he still had some free time. The developer admitted that he decided to write Solitaire because he was simply bored at times. Microsoft’s management, including the head of the company Bill Gates, highly rated the game and included it in all versions of Windows, except Windows 8. Despite the success of the game, Wes Cherry did not receive any money for his work. He left the computer industry and became the owner of a cider store.

solitaire windows

‘Favorite Windows application’ is how Chris Sells, one of the Microsoft developers, called the game. He highlighted solitaire not only among other games in general but put it above all the applications included in MS Office. The game itself was created in 1990. As found out later by psychologists, the layout of solitaire helped increase the productivity of office workers and for many of them, the game replaced an escape from work for a cigarette break. Besides that, the game was a great time killer. Solitaire also became a great trainer for people who first sat down behind computers with Windows because it allowed them to get acquainted with the controls and features of the operating system. 

At the beginning of the 90s, this OS was so revolutionary that its development was a serious problem. Now, there is no such issue. Maybe that is why Windows removed solitaire from the last version. However, it is still available online in many versions. 

Solitaire still remains one of the most popular card games, helping many people enjoy their leisure time. It may be called differently in different countries, but all solitaire versions have similar rules.

History behind the Different Names of the Game

If you look closely, you will understand that there is no difference between a classic solitaire card game and patience. They both mean a series of card games for one person. However, there is some trick here. At the end of the last century, Windows OS appeared, and several years later, a well-known solitaire game was added to the software. However, the solitaire word itself has a much wider meaning. Over time, this term was only used by people to call a specific game on the computer. So, the phrase ‘patience solitaire’ is a tautology in fact. Therefore, you can be sure that if you use the term ‘solitaire’ in the meaning of ‘patience,’ you will be 100% understood by most people because solitaire means a card game so as patience does.


Solitaire rules are quite simple, and most people enjoy it exactly because of the possibility to relax. However, you will likely spend a couple of hours playing it without even noticing that. Therefore, if you want to find out how to play original solitaire, continue reading this chapter.

A 52-card deck is used to play solitaire. All cards are divided into eight columns, where four columns have seven cards each and the other four columns come with six cards each. The first four columns are the main ones, and the whole game is built around them. The other columns are auxiliary for completed foundations. The cards are laid out face up.

What Is the Game about?

Solitaire is ideal if you just want to relax and forget about your problems. Your goal is to free the tableau by transferring all the cards, starting with Aces ‘to the base.’ However, you first need to release Aces from all cards lying on top of them. According to statistics, the basic solitaire card game has more chances to be completed than other varieties of the game, but this does not make it less exciting for fans. Perhaps, this is its advantages since you can focus your attention and enjoy positive emotions from winnings simultaneously.Generally, solitaire card game rules are not difficult. 

How to Play Classic Solitaire?

How do you play solitaire if you do not know the rules? The basic solitaire instructions are the following: the primary task of the player at the initial game stage is to put all Aces to their bases. If you cannot get them immediately, you need to move other cards, and if necessary, you can use auxiliary decks as well as the ‘free + 1’ rule until Aces are released. The rule ‘free + 1’ means that you can move as many cards as there are free places plus one card more. Solitaire is considered completed as soon as all available cards lie on Aces in the right sequence (from the highest cards to the lowest ones). Youtube video of how to play Solitaire with real cards.

How to Win a Solitaire?

Solitaire is a rather primitive game that is quite easy to win. However, some tricks will help make winning solitaire more interesting and faster. Our recommendations include:

  • The first thing to do to play pretty good solitaire is to find all the weak spots on the tableau. They can be Aces located at the beginning of the columns or the lower cards placed behind the higher ones. As we already mentioned, you need to transfer all Aces to foundations as soon as possible;
  • Of course, the more free cells you have, the closer you will be to victory. If you do not have them, then your maneuverability becomes quite limited. Thus, you risk losing. Fill free cell only when you have no choice;
  • It is important to pay your attention to the columns. They are much more important than empty cells because each empty column can be used to store many cards. As for a single cell, there can only be one card. You can gather lots of cards in one column and then transfer it to another one if needed. If empty columns and free cells are involved in moving several cards at once, this is often called super-entry. When it becomes possible to fill an empty column with several cards starting with King, you should do so;
  • Do not move cards to foundations too early. You may still need them to move other cards.

What Is the Difference between Classic Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, and Patience Solitaire?

All over the world, solitaire has different names. For example, in Scandinavia, this game is called ‘cabal’ and has a certain mystical meaning. Solitaire is the name known worldwide thanks to the game application in Windows software. However, in essence, everyone’s favorite game that helps have a good time is called Klondike. According to one version, this game title is inspired by the Klondike Gold Rush that took place in the 1890s, but nothing is known for certain.

In Great Britain and Russia, this game is referred to as patience. Also, in the mills of Baltic Europe, solitaire is used to predict the future.

In the United States of America, this type of card game is referred to only solitaire. However, throughout the world and especially in the UK, the term ‘solitaire’ usually means Peg Solitaire.

So, as we see, solitaire is known in many countries, and most often different nations of the world come up with a special name for it.

What Is the Difference between Solitaire and Patience?

Solitaire and patience are two titles for one game, and they have no major differences. Moreover, most people believe that Klondike is the same as solitaire and patience. So, if you have always wanted to know how to play Klondike Solitaire, then maybe you already know it if you are familiar with solitaire.


Solitaire is a fascinating game with a rich history. Despite the fact that it is already more than five centuries old, players around the world enjoy spending their free time playing the game. However, many types of solitaire have been invented to please all players. We can help you find solitaire games that you might like. According to some scientists, there are more than 200 solitaire versions. In this article, we will go through interesting facts and rules of the following solitaire variations:

  • Mahjong Solitaire;
  • Spider Solitaire;
  • Russian Solitaire;
  • Golf Solitaire;
  • Yukon Solitaire;
  • Scorpion Solitaire;
  • Free cell Solitaire;
  • Pyramid Solitaire.

After you explore them, you can certainly say to your friends, ‘Let’s play solitaire together!’

Types of the Game

As already mentioned earlier, there are many different solitaire games, and they mainly differ in complexity. For example, there is a spider solitaire or a freecell solitaire that are not difficult to play at all. You can play these games during a break at work or on the way back home in the subway. Of course, if there were only regular solitaire games, so many people would not play them. Players would just get bored. Besides, too easy victory reduces the motivation to play, so it is important to find a challenging game. Fortunately, there are more complex solitaire types that you can find. For example, Spider Solitaire with four suits will make you seriously think about the next move. Similarly, mahjong solitaire, an old Chinese game, is not suitable for beginners at all due to its complexity. It is built in such a way to develop your strategic and logical skills and give a taste of victory at the same time. All in all, you do not need to worry about becoming bored over time because you can opt for more complicated game versions. 

Spider Solitaire

About Spider Solitaire

Spider solitaire game is one of the oldest types. We do not know exactly where from this game got its name. Looking at the game on a computer monitor, you can find certain associations with some kind of virtual spider weaving its web. Basically, when playing spider solitaire, you need to weave your own web carefully, and if you do something wrong, you will not achieve your goal. Some players consider it to be one of the best solitaire versions.

How to Play Spider Solitaire

Let us go through the spider solitaire rules. The goal of the game is quite simple and it is pretty much the same as for all other solitaires — emptying the tableau from the cards by collecting them by suit and in the right sequence. Two 52-card decks are used in spider solitaire card game. Before starting playing, you should shuffle them and divide into ten stacks. You should deal the card face down and only the top card is placed face up. There are six cards in the first four stacks while the others come with five cards each. The rest of the deck is set aside in order to use the card after all possible moves are made. The lower card can be placed on the higher. All in all, you should stick to descending order. The highest card is King, while Ace is the lowest one. For example, 9, 8, 7, 6. When you transfer cards from one stack to another, you will have cards that you cannot see and you will have to be opened them to continue playing the game further according to the rules. 

There is an option to play spider solitaire online. There really not many differences between online versions the games that you play on your table. You can play the game with one, two, or four suits. Of course, it will be easy to finish that game that comes with one suit only. Also, online versions make it possible to cancel a set of moves, which allows you to find a mistake and continue playing. This is how you can think carefully and analyze each move to choose the optimal tactic. Finally, you can save the game and come back to it at any moment. On the Internet, you can choose any play spider solitaire game that you like based on your preferences.

Spider Solitaire Strategy

On the tableau, it is allowed to collect cards of different suits, and it is advisable to stick to the right sequence of the same suit starting with King. This is how you will be able to move the chain from the tableau quicker to the foundation. As soon as the entire chain from King to Ace is collected (in the same suit!), you can take it away. If all possible moves have already been done and transferring other cards does not make sense, you can start over again. Remember that it is possible to use the undo option. 

One, Two, and Four Suits Spider Solitaire

As we said, there are different levels of this game, more information on which you will find below. 

Spider Solitaire 1 Suit 

It is quite simple. You will be playing with two decks, each of which has 52 cards. First of all, they are thoroughly shuffled, and then, 54 cards are laid on the table. Your goal is to build the right sequences of cards from K to A.

Spider Solitaire 2 Suits

In the two suit solitaire, 104 cards are used in the game (52 cards of each suit). You will have ten rows of five and six cards. All other cards are stored in the stock. The task of the player to win Spider Solitaire is to collect cards from King through Ace. You will have to match them by suit. Once you have this sequence of cards, they can be transferred to the foundation. Winning conditions are no different from other versions. Once all the cards have been ordered into full columns, the game is successfully finished. It is worth notingthe Spider solitaire 2 suits game is a bit harder.

The Spider Solitaire 4 Suits

To play it, you will need to use two decks of 52 cards each. Once the cards are carefully shuffled, ten columns are placed on the table, each of which comes with four-five cards, but you can only see the front ones. The rest of the cards will be opened as soon as the column is free. This type of game is suitable for advanced players, but you can try it now. Your goal is pretty much the same — making the right sequences of cards. 

Mahjong Solitaire

About Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong Solitaire is a Chinese version of the game played in the Far East. There are many varieties and rules of mahjong, which vary not only from country to country but even within China. Each province plays its own way, and everyone claims to play the game according to the original rules. China Mahjong Solitaire is a complex, truly Chinese and full of deep symbolism game where poker, dominoes, and solitaire are combined. From one to four people can take part in it. Players sitting at a squire table have 14 tiles each. Their position at the table is determined by four tiles: East, West, South, and North. In the west, Mahjong has gained popularity in a somewhat modified and simpler version known as Mahjong Solitaire. Indeed, the rules of this Mahjong game are in many ways similar to the solitaire rules. It is designed for one player. You use only tiles to play the game, so no dice and cards are involved in it, even in you play online mahjong solitaire. Therefore, fans of the classic Chinese mahjong game often refuse to recognize the relationship between solitaire and their favorite game, preferring to call the latter version Chinese solitaire.

How to Play Mahjong Solitaire?

The Mahjong Solitaire rules differ a bit from other solitaire versions. Before the game session begins, the tiles are laid out on the tableau in several layers in a way to create a pyramid. Your goal is to remove all of the tiles, which is done by matching them in pairs. You can only remove any two identical tiles, provided that both are not blocked. This means that they are not covered on top with another tile and have one free edge (left or right) adjacent to only one tile, leaving the other edge open. There are various pyramids that may be different in complexity. In any case, at the very beginning of the game session, solitaire may seem to be too simple to inexperienced players, but this impression is deceptive. You can be sure that gameplay will continuously become more complicated. If you play mahjong solitaire, you need to be patient because each session can last for several days, and most of the pyramid layouts are very difficult to solve at the first time. However, you will not have such a problem if you use a computer version of solitaire. The game is designed in a way to give the player a chance to remove all the cards. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy playing this unusual solitaire game that will take you to the mysterious Chinese world.

Golf Solitaire

About Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is an innovative online version of the game. You can personally make sure that there are many different solitaire versions available on the Internet, one of which is confidently gaining its popularity — the game inspired by golf. It was called this way because golf solitaire and golf game have a common strategy — the lower the points, the better. 

This solitaire attracts players from all over the world because it allows you to choose a card layout. There are several options that you have, such as the well-known Olympic rings, Three peaks, Heart, etc. Today, solitaire games can also be played on different devices, including PC, mobile phones, and tablets. You can play the game at any time of the day and in any place where the Internet is available for you.

The goal of online solitaire golf is to get rid of all the cards. If you do not have any free cards, then you win. In addition, the number of your moves is also taken into account, so the fewer moves you make, the more points you get per game and the higher your rating will be among other players. Let us find out the rules of the golf solitaire card game.

How to Play Solitaire Golf?

The first thing that you need to do is to choose a card layout, which can be virtually anything, such as mountains, hearts, waves, wells, cubes, etc. Then you need to open the cards and empty your hand before the deck of additional cards ends, which can be done by following the simple golf solitaire rules that you will find below. 

You will place lower cards on higher cards in the right sequence, such as Queen can be placed on King. There is no need to pay your attention to card suits because this does not matter in this game. It is important to make as little moves as possible because this is how you can achieve better results. 

When playing solitaire golf online, you can use the undo button. This is how you will see all your moves. This will be useful if you have several options for playing the game, so you can choose the best action. Solitaire Golf is an improved version of the old classic solitaire, in which you need to rely on your skills and logic rather than on your luck. Thanks to the solitaire golf game, you will develop strategic thinking because it requires thinking through complex multi-pass combinations and applying techniques that prevent you from facing unfavorable combination. Also, a large selection of layouts makes the game even more interesting and diverse. Remember that the most important rule in any solitaire game is to be very careful and focused. If you do not pay attention to the cards available for you, you will likely lose the game. As you keep playing it, you will gain more experience, so you will show better results over some time. 

Scorpion Solitaire

About Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion solitaire is very similar to some other versions of solitaire, such as spider and classic because your goal is the same — to place cards in a certain sequence. However, it has one interesting feature — there are nearly no restrictions on how you can move the cards. You can play the scorpion solitaire game for free in full screen. Scorpion solitaire online will suit both beginners and experienced players. There is, however, an even more complicated game called double scorpion solitaire, which is played withtwo full decks of cards.

Graphically, solitaire is designed in full accordance with its name. The game interface includes a deserted palette and even sand dunes that players can find in the main menu. While playing the game, you will enjoy a drum melody. After a few seconds, a scorpion crawls out of the sand, holding cards with images of creepy arachnids. Those drawings are presented on the higher cards. For example, green scorpion plays the role of a diamond lady. All these details help immerse into the game atmosphere immediately, which is not something available in classic card games.

How to Play Scorpion Solitaire?

So, let us go through the main scorpion solitaire rules. There are three modes of this solitaire game, including the following:

  • Plain. There is no need to pay attention to card suits because you can collect them by rank. New columns can start with any card;
  • Normal. Combination of cards by suit is not required, but only Kings can be placed on empty cells;
  • Complicated. You will have to pay attention to card suits.

As you can see, unlike the spider version that can be played with just two suits, this game version requires using a full deck of cards.

The goal of the game is to build four columns (foundations) with a certain sequence of card from King to Ace. Regardless of the complexity level, the cards in each column must be of one suit. Free to play complex scorpion solitaire games come with the following rules:

  • Cards can be collected only in descending order, which means that you can only place Queen on King, Jack on Queen, etc.;
  • You can only move open cards;
  • You can only transfer cards if they are arranged in the required sequence.

The game is even more difficult because you will have to finish it within a limited time frame. Playing solitaire can be quite difficult because there are no special features that you can use, such as the undo option that allows going back in the game to make another decision. In addition, sometimes a possible move is very difficult to find especially for beginners.

To succeed in the game, especially if you play difficult double scorpion solitaire online, you need to follow the following tips:

  • First of all, you should try to open all face-down cards;
  • Unless it is inevitable, try not to place cards in empty cells;
  • Plan all your moves carefully;
  • Closely monitor the entire card layout to find possible moves.

Yukon Solitaire

About Yukon Solitaire

Yukon solitaire game is one of the oldest Japanese solitaire games. It is suitable for experienced players rather than for beginners. When playing Yukon solitaire, you will need to build four foundations containing cards starting with A to K. The cards in one foundation must have the same suit. 

How to Play Yukon Solitaire?

Firstly you will need to read the yukon solitaire rules. To play Yukon Solitaire game, you will only need to use one deck of playing cards with. No stock deck is required to play Yukon solitaire, which is one of the main difference between it and the other similar versions.

You will win once all the cards are moved to the foundations in the right sequence from Ace (the lowest card) to King (the highest card). 

In order to play the game, you need to have a 52-card deck. Cards for this game are dealt in the same way as in the classical Klondike game. Tableau has seven columns, including the following:

  • The first column comes with an open card;
  • The second column has six cards with one known card lying on the top of five face-up cards;
  • The third column has one more face down card; 
  • The other columns also have one more face down card.

There are four places dedicated to building foundations. Have a look at the cards located at the bottom of each of the columns and try to find those that you can place on top of other cards that have a lower rank. For instance, if you have Jack at the bottom, you need to find 10s. In order to open face down cards, you need to free them from other cards lying on top of them. 

After all cards in column are moved to other columns, you have an empty spot. You can put King there only. Once all cards are arranged in the foundations in a certain sequence, the game is won. Of course, you cannot win every single game in the Yukon Solitaire, but here are a couple of tips you can use to improve your skill. 

The first basic tip is just to place Aces on the foundations as quickly as possible. This is the fundamental rule of how to win this game. Also, do not move the very first card you can. You can place cards only over face-up cards, which means that you need to open as many of them as possible. To do this you should think through a couple of steps ahead. Try to figure out the best combination of moves like in chess game to open as many playing cards as you can. Also, you should be patient and not worry in case if something goes wrong. It is a card game, so the results are really random. Follow these simple tricks to win your game, but remember that your own experience in the most important thing!

Freecell Solitaire

About Freecell Solitaire

Freecell solitaire was created from other solitaire versions, including Forty Thieves and Eight Off and. The former is also known as Napoleon at St. Helena. This game is another interesting option in the solitaire collection. Paul Alfille is the inventor of the Freecell game. Later he told that when he was a child, he did not like that most games left the deck sorted by suit. So, to start a new game, it required a lot of careful shuffling. By setting the black-red rule, Alfille improved the condition of his deck. Even if the solitaire game is completed, the situation becomes clear long before this, which allows collecting some cards by suit while the others could be mixed. While the game appeared to be quite difficult, combinations that were impossible to solve rarely met. 

In 1992, Jim Horne developed Freecell for Windows. It is unknown where Horne learned about Freecell, probably when he was a student. However, Freecell has remained virtually unknown until it became one of the applications of Windows 95. The game comes with all Windows versions, including Windows 7. The spider game, for instance, is very similar to freecell. That is why lots of people call it freecell spider solitaire.

Only after Microsoft was launched, this type of solitaire games became popular. Today freecell, the invention of Paul Alfille, can definitely be included in books about card games.

How to Play Freecell Solitaire?

So, we continue going through the freecell solitaire rules. Even if you have played this game before, you should read the rules again before you start to play freecell solitaire online. 

A deck of 52 playing cards is used to play this game. You need to divide the deck into eight separate columns, placing cards face up. There will be four columns containing seven cards each as well as four columns of six cards each. Also, you will have four foundations and four free cells. Before the freecell solitaire online game begins, both foundations and free cells are empty. According to the rules, it is only allowed to move a card from a column/free cell in the following way:

  • To place it on a higher-ranking card of a different color card located in another column (for instance, back Jack can be only placed on red Queen);
  • It can also be placed in a free cell if it is empty;
  • You can also place it in an empty column;
  • You can also place it in the foundation of the same suit, starting from Ace and ending with King.

Solitaire is completed, if you manage to move all the cards that you have to the foundations. 

If you need to move a stack of cards, you can only do one at a time, using the blank columns or free cells. The computer version usually shows all the details and options. Therefore, you just need to make sure that there are enough empty cells.

Russian Solitaire

About Russian Solitaire

It is not really clear why this game version is called Russian solitaire because if judging from its rules, it is very similar to the spider game version. The thing is that in Russia, the solitaire game has a mystical significance and sometimes it is used to predict the future. All you need to know is that this game is simple solitaire. Therefore, if you are a beginner you can try it.

There are twenty levels in Russian solitaire and each of which will is more difficult than the previous one. All levels are unique and interesting. The game uses a deck of 52 playing cards. Some of them are laid out on the tableau, and some are placed in stock. You will have to manage to remove all the cards that you have on the tableau within a limited time frame. At each level of Russian solitaire, a simple pattern of a certain number of cards appears in front of you. Some of them are face-up, while others are temporarily closed (blocked). As soon as you open them by removing the top cards, you will see what they are. You can use the stock at any time of the game. Click on the rest of the deck and the pairs will turn. There is also double Russian solitaire which is actually almost the same as freecell solitaire.

How to Play Russian Solitaire?

Russian solitaire rules have a lot in common with other solitaire versions. You need to choose pairs of the same rank, regardless of their color and suit. Those can be Queen, Deuces, Kings, etc. If you do not see any more moves, then use the stock. You can combine cards from the stock or combine them with those from the tableau. Once you free up space on the tableau, a new level will automatically begin. The faster you cope with the task, the more points you get. Below, you will find a few helpful tips:

Try first to remove the cards from the tableau of Russian solitaire, in order to quickly open those that are face down;

If you made some a move but then realized that you made a mistake, you can simply click on the undo button if it is available in an online version. You will go back in the game on just one move, so try not to make a few mistakes in a row;

Use the stock only as a last resort because you can use it a limited number of times, which is usually indicated on the left side of the deck. Once you use the stock for a certain number of times, you will not be able to do this again;

The time of the game is limited, and you should look at the timer from time to time. Once you run out of time, you can choose another available level, so it is not necessary to start all over again. That is how the Russian solitaire game is played.

Pyramid Solitaire

About Pyramid Solitaire

Pyramid solitaire is an interesting game that you will likely enjoy to play. It usually lasts for up to five minutes, which makes it a great express option or those who want to distract from routine tasks. Easy rules are not difficult to remember, and the gameplay is not boring but engaging. The pyramid version, like all solitaire games, requires the player to be attentive, to think through the moves in order to win. Usually, you will be able to complete this solitaire game, but your luck matters a lot since there are games that are just impossible to win. To play it, you only need a deck of solitaire cards.

How to Play Pyramid Solitaire?

So, how do you play pyramid solitaire? You need a standard deck of 52 cards without jokers. 28 cards participate in the game directly as they are automatically laid out face up in a way to build a pyramid. One card makes the top of the pyramid, two cards are placed on it, and so on to the very bottom that has seven cards. The remaining 24 cards are placed in the stock. 

Although the randomness of the card layout undoubtedly plays a significant role, the main job is supposed to be done by the player. Based on the options available, you will need to choose the right moves to complete the solitaire. This is not hard to do since you can see all the cards available. Such openness of online pyramid solitaire simplifies the task and also helps develop certain analytical skills. Your goal is to remove all the cards from the tableau. To do this, you need to remove pairs of free cards, which total value is 13 points. Their suit does not matter. Kings are an exception since the value of each of them is equal to baker’s dozen, and they are removed separately. A common recommendation for all solitaries is to look at the card layout attentively and think through your next moves. Your main goal here is to remove all the cards from the pyramid. Thanks to removing overlying cards, you will get more options. Step by step, you will play pyramid solitaire online until you winor until you cannot make moves anymore.

According to pyramid solitaire rules, special attention should be played on potentially problematic areas. For example, if the cards that potentially can be removed from tableau lie on top of the other, this can block the entire game process. Do not rush to form pairs using cards from the stock. Especially at the beginning of the game, when the cards are dealt for the first time, it is likely to use cards that you have the pyramid. However, there is a significant nuance that you should know. If the card you need to free certain pairs is in the stock, you should use it.